Can I bring my own food?
We allow outside food and non-alcoholic beverages

My friend doesn’t drink cider, can they bring their own drink?
We cannot allow any other alcohol on the premises, any alcohol found on premise will be confiscated.

Can I bring a pop up tent for shade?
Ground shades/tents meant for the beach/small children are permitted. Larger pop up tents that require stakes are not permitted.

We reserved a fire pit; do I bring my own wood?
We provide all fire wood and will tend the fire for you

What food trucks will be at the Cidery?
We post a list of the food trucks for the upcoming weekend on our website, Facebook and Instagram

Do you allow groups of 8 or more?
We do allow large groups. At Doc Waters Cidery, we require a $10 entry fee, per person, held by tab, for groups 8 or more (not including children ages 5 & under). The $10pp will be used towards your cider and food tab. At the end of your visit, if your tab meets the minimum per person total, no additional fee will be charged. Example: 9 guests start a tab, $90 minimum tab requirement. At the end of their visit the tab totals $120 for cider & snacks, the final bill is $120 (the tab total). However, a party of 19 begin a tab, $190 minimum tab requirement, at the end of their visit the tab totals $70 for cider & snacks, the card on file will be charged an additional $120, to meet the minimum requirement.

Can I request my friends reservation be sat next to me?
All the tables are sat on a first come basis, we cannot guarantee two tables next to one another, but will make every effort to accomodate.

Do you allow dogs at the Cidery?
We love dogs at the cidery. All dogs must stay on leash. If your dog is not people or dog friendly this may not be the right environment as we often host dogs and children.

Do you allow dogs in the Orchard?
Service animals only. We follow compliance standards for Federal and State health and food codes. Comfort or emotional support animals(pets) are not permitted at Waters Orchard.

Are you organic?/
Waters Orchard is an Integrated Pest Management Farm. Whenever possible, we treat with natural methods, such as pruning, irrigation, traps, horticultural oils, and predatory bugs. We farm carefully to increase yield and quality and to be diligent stewards of the land for our community.