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Note:  Mother Nature is unpredictable and variety ripening times vary from year to year. See the home page for what varieties are currently ripe and ripening soon. 



Honeycrisp apples have a yellow background covered with a red to pink blush and speckled with small lenticels. Their creamy white flesh is exceptionally crisp and aromatic. A balanced content of sugar and acid gives Honeycrisp apples a pleasant sweet-tart flavor that varies in strength depending upon the maturity of the apple. 

Crimson Crisp

Crimson Crisp is a firm, deep red-purple, and crunchy apple. Its crispy yellow flesh holds a sweet-tart flavor, making it a great fresh-eating apple as well as a juice or cider variety. This medium-sized apple stores well for at least four months.



The popular Jonagold is a good-looking apple with an orangish-red blush. This crisp and juicy apple is less acidic than Golden Delicious and has a honey-like flavor. They are a cross between Golden Delicious and Jonathan. 


A large, green-yellow apple with a red-orange blush, Shizukas have the same parentage as Mutsu, but their flavor is sweeter, and less acid. Shizukas are firm and juicy, and are slow to brown once cut, making them ideal for salads. They store very well. 


Cammi is a member of the Cameo family. This apple colors to an attractive dark red with a heavy stripe. Similar to Cameo, Cammi is sweet and juicy, with a great texture for eating fresh. 

 Ripens Late September


This mid-late season Gala-like apple was developed in France. Galarina is a medium sized apple with orangish-red over a yellow background color.  The flavor is crisp and sweet.

Fuji (Early – Rising Sun)

Rising Sun Fuji is an early Fuji selection that ripens weeks ahead of regular Fuji. It has a mild, sweet Fuji flavor with a white flesh and that great Fuji crunch.  Fuji is an excellent eating apple, and it is good dried in slices. It’s also a great keeper, maintaining its quality for up to one year refrigerated or several weeks left in a fruit bowl. 

Pink Lady

Pink Lady is a firm, crisp, tart and honey-sweet apple with a beautiful pink flush over its green peel. Prized as a fresh-eating apple, it is also a good cooking and sauce apple. They keep several months in refrigeration.


Cameo is a relatively new apple variety with red striping on a buttery yellow skin.  It is a sweet, crunchy apple with a thin and tender peel. 


Hudson’s Golden Gem

One of the largest and best-flavored russet apples. Crisp, sugary, juicy flesh with flavor described as nutty by some, pear-like by others. Conical in shape with a very distinctive appearance: a smooth, uniform, grayish-gold or light yellowish-brown russet over the entire surface. Good for eating and juicing. 



Winecrisp is a deep red dessert apple that is sweet, juicy and firm.  It has a long storage life and is great for baking and juicing.

Granny Smith

Granny Smith green with gray dots called lenticels. The crisp flesh is greenish white, the peel on the tough side. It is a tart pie and fresh eating apple. Great with caramel! 


Enterprise is a round, medium to large, deep red, late-season apple.  It has a spicy, sweet-tart flavor. 

  Florina Querina

This is a modern French variety with American origins.  Florina is a medium-to-large-sized apple with purple-red finish over yellow skin.   With a sweet-tart aromatic flavor and crisp, juicy texture.  


Suncrisp is a large medium-sized apple, conical and slightly ribbed, is mostly a light spring green, the hues shifting through various shades to nearly yellow.  It has a creamy white flesh of this fruit is juicy, quite firm and crisp. The flavor is even and sweet with just enough tartness. The old timers would call this “sub-acid;” it’s a nice balance.


Gold Rush

Gold Rush is as rich in color as it is in taste.  Its skin is gold often mixed with some red and green, and its combination of high sugar and acid make it a rich, spicy, complex treat.  This crunchy, aromatic apple is a late-season variety.  An excellent keeper, Gold Rush is an all-purpose apple. 

 Fuji (Aztex Fuji)

With the sweet flavor of its Red Delicious parent, Fuji is a medium to large apple, with orange-red skin. Its flesh is firm, crisp and quite juicy. Fuji is an excellent eating apple, and it is good dried in slices. It’s also a great keeper, maintaining its quality for up to one year refrigerated or several weeks left in a fruit bowl.